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"Chinese Neighborhood Parents (CNP) is not just your typical non-profit organization; it's a vibrant hub of support and excitement! We're here to connect a diverse community of families with the vital resources needed to conquer the exhilarating challenges of parenting in the dynamic urban landscape. At CNP, we cater to expectant parents, newcomers, and seasoned experts within the Chinese community, offering a treasure trove of support, invaluable insights, and electrifying events, both online and in person.


Our Thrilling Journey


Mission: We live for our mission – to unite and empower a vibrant community of Chinese families by equipping them with the essential tools to conquer the thrilling adventure of parenting. And guess what? We add an extra punch by celebrating and sharing Chinese culture every step of the way!


What We Bring to the Table


1. Focusing on Social Impact: We're not just about parenting; we're about making a positive social impact. We advocate for policies that benefit families, education, and health.


2. Parental Webinars: Dive into our dynamic discussion forums, attend engaging parent education workshops, and access invaluable resources tailored to the unique challenges of parenting, especially within the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. We're your go-to source for School Choice Resources, where our annual school choice webinar empowers parents to make informed decisions about their children's education.


3. Chinese Library and Culture Oasis: Get ready for an adventure in reading! Our Chinese library boasts a collection of over 3,000 different books, covering topics from literacy to art, technology, science, culture, and history, all curated for children aged 0-18.


4. Acorn Adventure Club: We're your gateway to adventure! Explore our resources for play and growth, including exciting outings like zoo visits, fall pick-ups, museum sleepovers, cruises, and unlocking the power of play.


5. Developmental Differences Support: We embrace and cherish Chinese culture while offering unwavering support for developmental differences within our community.













Incredible Stats to Brag About:


- A whopping 900 active family members

- Over 80 heart-pounding webinars held annually, uniting Chinese parents from across the United States and beyond.

- Prepare for a thrill ride with 10 sensational events each year, featuring camping, fishing, museum trips, farm visits, LEGO adventures, cruises, skiing, and more!

- An astounding 87% of our members have children aged 8 and under.

- Witness the excitement as approximately 500 unique visitors join us every month.


About CNP:


CNP calls Chicago its home base and operates under the dynamic management of TinyMighty Inc., a registered 501(c) non-profit organization established in 2018. Our formidable team includes a full-time Executive Director, a Director of Partnerships & Programming, and a passionate group of part-time staff members.


Our Unforgettable Programs and Events:


CNP fuels your sense of adventure with a plethora of programs and resources designed to educate, connect, and foster communication among parents within our community. We're renowned for our electrifying initiatives that bring Chinese culture to life in American-based Chinese children. Additionally, we're your trusted guides through the intricate world of school choices, making it a breeze for parents to navigate.


Our Spirited Commitment to Parental Education:


We're not just about parenting; we're about empowering parents with knowledge. Dive into our rich collection of resources, including books that celebrate Chinese cultures and a wide range of parenting initiatives that are sure to make your journey even more thrilling.


Our Epic Journey Through History:


Chinese Neighborhood Parents of Chicago (CNP) was born in 2018 as a non-profit powerhouse right here in Chicago. We're the result of a dynamic group of visionary parents who dared to raise their children in the vibrant heart of Chicago. Our roots may be small, but our ambitions are limitless. We've always been about bringing parents together through thrilling playgroups, babysitting co-ops, Moms-Morning-Out programs, and unforgettable family gatherings. We even spread the excitement through newsletters, school fairs, and a treasure trove of parenting resources. And the best part? Our word-of-mouth marketing efforts have made our journey all the more exhilarating!"


Join CNP today for an electrifying parenting adventure like no other!

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