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Attention, Advocates for Bus Access!


📢 Join the Rally at Daley Plaza on Tuesday, February 6th, at high noon! 🕛


The CPS Board of Education has sent a clear message: they have no intention of reinstating bus services for our SE/Magnet school students. Their excuse? A supposed driver shortage. But, it's apparent they aren't genuinely striving to resolve this issue. Our mission for this protest is crystal clear: We're putting the pressure on CPS to grant a $500/month transportation allowance to families who've been denied their promised busing.


Here's the scoop: CPS already has the budget allocated for these buses that they're not utilizing, and they're already providing this allowance for kids on IEPs who legally require bussing. The kicker? While this might not affect you directly, 85% of the affected families citywide are low-income, as confirmed by CPS. They've shouldered heavy burdens, and it's high time they receive our support.


So, the million-dollar question: Are you ready to stand with us and make a difference? Let us know if you're in, and help us spread the word to other classes within our school and beyond. We understand that everyone's schedule is packed, but we're asking for just one hour of your time at Daley Plaza. Together, we can make a powerful impact.


While the fight to preserve the integrity of our best-performing schools will be a long one, our immediate goal is securing the transportation allowance. You see, Selective Enrollment and Magnet Schools draw students from all corners of the city, some traveling up to 20 miles daily. This only works because CPS has provided transportation, a promise made to families when they applied for these schools.


But, here's the harsh reality of what's been happening since busing was eliminated:


1. Some students and parents spend 3-5 hours each day commuting to and from school, often taking multiple CTA buses and trains with multiple transfers. And let's not forget, Chicago's weather can be brutal.


2. Some parents are forced to shell out $300-$500 per child per month for alternative transportation, which may not always be reliable or safe.


3. Parents have quit jobs or missed out on promotions due to the transportation struggle, leading to financial distress and strained relationships with employers.


4. Among the 5,500 eligible students for transportation in our group of schools, 85% come from lower-income households, intensifying their struggle to make ends meet.


5. In a survey conducted in October, 154 students had to transfer out of their schools due to the termination of busing and the absence of any Transportation Allowance.


The stories of these families are heart-wrenching, and while some have made headlines, many more remain untold. Even though CPS is aware of these stories, they've refused to take action and have declared that they won't change their stance for the rest of the school year. It's just not right!


What can we do? Legal action is one option, though it would be a last resort. Our other option is a massive protest at Daley Plaza, which we believe can pressure CPS into providing a Transportation Allowance for the remainder of the year, as they've done in the past. A significant turnout of parents, friends, family, and even students will garner media coverage, both locally and potentially nationally, forcing CPS and the Mayor to take action.


We need you! If you're directly impacted or if you simply stand with us in solidarity, please join us at the protest. Remember, this is a one-time event, and we need your physical support to make a lasting impact. Even if this issue doesn't affect you now, it may in the near future, as CPS's Five-Year Initiative could lead to the elimination of transportation for Selective Enrollment and Magnet Schools.


So, mark your calendars and let's stand united for a better future for all our students! Together, we can make a difference. 💪🚌 #CPSforBusses #SupportOurFamilies"





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1 Beaubien Elementary

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3 British School Lincoln Park

4 Bronzeville Classcila Elementary

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6 Decatur Classical School

7 Edgebrook Elementary school


9 Keller Regional Gifted School

10 LaSalle Language Academy

11 Lenart Regional Gifted Center

12 Lincoln Elementary

13 Lycee Chicago

14 Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy

15 Nettelhorst elementary school


17 Skinner North Classical School

18 Skinner North Elementary School

19 Skinner West

20 St. Therese Chinese Catholic School

21 University of Chicago Charter Schools

22 University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

23 Whitney Young Magnet High School

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