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Since February 2020, we've been raising money to donate PPE to our health care worker and facilities.We build up two campion on Gofundme and build up a website to help people understand the shortage and pessary for helping. Also we create a donation process smooth and safe way both in health and legal liabilities. From February 25, 2020 to June 15, 2020, a total of 116,190 dollars donations including monetary and PPE was raised and we helped 77 medical organizations and healthcare workers. The donated PPE include 12590 pieces of N95 masks, 720 pieces of KN95, 8060 pieces of surgical masks, 1055 pieces of protective clothing, 162 pieces of face guard , 114 goggles which is a long list.


Thanks to our donor/partner as follows: Chicago New Life Church Returning Program, Michigan Church, Chicago Local Church Evangelical Organization, CNP Chicago Public Schools Parent Organization, Peking University Alumni, Concord Alumni, Tsinghua Alumni, HKUST Alumni, Dr.and physicians from Wuhan and Peking, Chicago Chamber of Commerce, etc.


Thanks to our volunteers, Sharon, Zheng Chunwei, Ling, Dr. Zeying Du, Dr. Lisa Ding, Dr Lux Chen, Dr. Tom Cao, Martin, Zhong Shengwei, Muwen Yang, Mingxin Zheng, Wei Hu, Xinyi Wang, Xiaoxu Tang, Aris, Mimi Mom,Jackie Xu, Alkane. You have worked so hard that we have been able to accomplish the following.

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