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They can not be knocked down or others will suffer

A Chinese doctor WenLiang Li was died of 2019-nCov 2 days ago and increased a large range of plead in China. He is one of the first who posted the virus broke out but was criticized by police department. His treatment process is a little bit tricky and not very effective which finally lead to his death.

I am a pediatrician used to work in China for about 4 years and went through several events that patient hurt doctors for no good reason. But seems it is not the first time doctors in China is not treated in a positive way including several event happened earlier but the good thing is, it could be the first time in population that people praises a doctor so much. A dead hero earned respect for his encouragement and in some way the desire for automatic freedom.

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A hero banned by telling truth

The 2019-nCov's broke out only got noticed by the goverment Jan 22nd, however, Dr Li during his practice found the first symptom of this virus and post it in wechat discussion group which has about 150 persons. He was critisized soon.

“The world should not have only one voice.”- Dr Li said in one of his interview Feb 1st.

What shows after Dr Li's death

The reported death time is inconsistence from the China mainland and what the press man posted international which increases the population's anger and sympathy.

Also, though Dr Li's wife did not receive any donation yet. There are some insurance company will help the education of Dr Li's children but the fund is limited.

End of hero

What we knew is a well trained doctor should not die this way and their still need long term system to cover the life and education for their survivors in the long run. A small step will make a big one.

We established an NGO for the benefit of the children of healthcare professionals who are committed to saving lives and taking care of other people. Some of them even sacrificed their lives for the freedom and improvement of humanity and safety of the general public. We are raising funds for the children and families who have suffered great loss, in an effort to show our support, love, respect and appreciation to these children’s superhero parents. Support us either for your time or money if you can.

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