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This kit contains all of the required manipulatives for Singapore Math Grade K,all this manipulates are optional but carefully designed to help children in Kindergarten level boost their math understandings. And each manipulate has a totally different purpose than the other one while the way to encourage children exploration may support and enhance the ability of each other.


1)Numbered Spindle Box with 45 Spindles

2)Transparent Color Counting chips,250/Set

3)Wooden Number bond Manipulate  

4)Wooden Family Open box Game 10 number game

5)Number Cotton Toss Bean Bags for Kids Learning and Eduaction (1-10 Set) (10pcs)

6)two color counts (yellow/red)200 pieces 

7)Special Educational Dices set (15 pics in all,1-3 Six Sided 1pcs,number word dice 1pcs, "+-X/" dice 1pc, write n wipe Blank Dice 4pcs assorted color,Giant 3.15" EVA Foam Dice*4 assorted color,Medium EVA Foam Dice*4 assorted color with number stickers and much more)

8)Math beads (11-20)

9)Wooden pattern block sorting system

Math manipulate kits for Kindergarten students add-on

$200.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price
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